Monday, July 5, 2010

June 19 2010-Bike the Bluff- Show Low Arizona

This was my anniversary ride. A year ago I rode in this race as my first bicycle race. It was a 34 mile event of two laps around the course. We were at the cabin for Fathers Day weekend and our traditional family reunion. I had been riding about 3 months at the time. This year it was a 51 mile event, three laps around the same course. I rode in the masters division and finished 7th out of 15. Two hours and 33 minutes for the ride. It was faster per lap than last year and my average speed was faster as well.

Doug, a friend from the bike shop rides and Jesse D. and I rode up in Doug's pickup in style and stayed at the Bear's Cabin in Pinetop. All went well, we had fun even for the short trip. We stopped at Joe and Nicole's place in Heber for a BBQ meal on our way home.