Saturday, April 10, 2010

Family Vacation 2009 July Virgina and Washington DC

July 8, 2009
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On the plane headed home from our family vacation visiting Chip and Steph also today is Betty's 50th. We were able to spend some fun time with little Cash and Cohen.

We flew to Baltimore and met Emily and Heidi then rented a car and drove to Charlottsville.

We left home at 4:20 AM Wednesday the 1st for Sky Harbor. We arrived at Chips at 9:30 pm. On the way there we ate at Quiznos. Stephanie had a nice feast prepared as well that we ate for lunch the next day. There was also a pouring rain. The only real rain we had. Thursday morning we slept in a bit and then went to Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson. Chip,Paul,Jayton and I then went golfing at a very nice course also very beautiful cut out of the Virginia woods. We had a good time. The weather was overcast but perfect for golf. Dinner afterwards was a BBQ.

Friday morning we headed of to Williamsburg. We spent the day there visiting the beginnings of our nations freedoms. Again we had perfect weather for our activity

We had booked a hotel and they overbooked and sent us to another place that turned out to be a dive maybe a -3 star place. Very scary. We decided to head into Richmond, the girls started calling hotels from WV concierge. We found a reasonable price at a Crown Plaza. Becky started asking for upgrades and got us super nice suites. Betty and I had our own. The girls had theirs as well. Chip went back to Charlottesville and Jayton went with them. Saturday the 4th we headed to Washington DC.

We all met at the St. Gregory and stayed one night. We took off walking to the national mall and went to the Holocaust Memorial. We walked about 2 miles We then wandered abit and met below the Washington monument where we visited for several hours before the fireworks started. It was very relaxing to sit and "chill". There were people every where. The fireworks were awesome and spectacular. We had hot dogs for dinner from the concession stand.

The walk back to the hotel was pleasant and we were all very tired. Paul however went to the grill to have a milk shake. Several of us came down and ordered as well. No body knew how much they were. We also ordered half price burgers. The shakes were $8.00 and the burgers were 14.00. Not a cheap snack. We laughed about it and Paul payed the bill. Betty was to pay him back. I don't think we ever did.

Sunday morning we went to church to fast and testimony meeting. We then went to the new hotel a Marriott courtyard for the final three nights. We made a feeble effort to guard the sabbath day by taking a drive to the Washington Temple. We spent some time on the grounds. Jayton was so hungry he was sick. He did get out of the car though and roll around in the grass. We ate on the way back at Chipotle.

Monday was play day as we went to Six Flags amusement park. It was half price and the place was for all intents empty. We never waited more than 10 minutes for any ride. We rode all the high powered coasters several times. There was also a water park. We had a blast there as well. The weather was perfect. Sunny and warm. Before leaving that morning however we had a jolt with Jayton going into panic mode. He was in the bathroom when he started yelling. He discovered a tick burrowed in his tummy. It came out seemingly on it's own after I sprayed alcohol on it. He had no clue what it was. I checked him some more and found one burrowed in his back. Chip pulled it out with tweezers after trying to burn it out.
We gave him a blessing and went on.

Tuesday was Mt. Vernon. George Washington lived an amazing life. We may never know the full extent with our limited exposure to what he did. I felt the power if it when Betty and I were there last year and it has not gone away. In the afternoon we hit the Smithsonions until the hunger overtok us.

Anne heard news of a restaurant having a special for their anniversary by rolling prices back to 1934. We went over to check it out and git in after an hour wait We fed 9 people deluxe meals with appetizers and salads. Most of us had Filet Minon. The bill was $343.00. Not Bad for Martin's Tavern in Georgetown. That was without alchohol. We paid $18.88. We did tip the place. $52.00. Still not bad.

Today we loaded up the car and then took the metro back to the Smithsonions. American history museum was the place. Becky had taken off at 5 am on the super shuttle. We came back and had a quick bite at Five Guys diner, burgers and fries. We headed put to the airport in Baltimore in gridlock traffic. We began to wonder if we allowed ourselves enough time. Heidi and Emily barely made their flights.

El Tour De Phoenix 2010 Bike Event Timed Ride

I started riding about a year ago and set the goal to ride in this event at that time. It is a 72 mile route. I rode the route two times as training rides in recent weeks and had a good idea of what to expect. I did make a novice mistake in the actual race that I avoided in the Tour de Tucson which was a much longer 109 mile event. I did not get the proper hydration today and "bonked", lost my energy for the last 15 or so miles. That is when you have to revert to sheer will power to keep your legs moving, especially when you are going uphill. I realistically knew what I could do it in as a rookie and this ride was sub par as to what I think my abilities are. I was slower than my potential and still hit my goal almost square on at 3 hours 24 minutes. Average speed 21.1 mph. The winner finished in 2 hours 51 minutes. I rode well for the first 65 miles because I saw how many people passed me in the last 7 miles when I couldn't peddle after my legs cramped up along with my bonk.

Betty and Becky were at the finish line to cheer when I went by so that was nice.

The ride organizer recognized a local cycling enthusiast, Sterling Baer, who is president of the Brumbys, our local riding group with some 600 on the email list. He also heads up rides to bring attention to cyclists that are injured or killed.

Well I should rest tonight since I have had goofy dreams the past two nights thinking about the race. Kind of a pre-race jitter even though nothing is really at stake. I still have a competitive streak even though it is really just with myself and cycling has been a good thing to use it to stay in shape. I think I'm in the best shape of my life so far. Of course I'm not a health expert but sometimes we can be our own judge as to how we feel. It feels good to ride 72 miles in a hard fashion and not have any aches or pains when you are done. Am I lucky or what? I do feel blessed to be experiencing it. They say you will get really sick 6 times in your life and only get well 5 of them. The longer you can prolong getting them the better. I think I've had two of them so far.