Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heidi's Thought on Luke 21:26, Signs of the times

Here is an email from my daughter Heidi who is attending school at BYU studying exercise science.

"So I just had a thought here at institute. We're talking about the last days and how one sign of the Second Coming of Christ is how men's hearts will fail them. Someone made the comment of how obesity is a big problem these days, and cardiovascular disease, where men's hearts are literally failing them.

But it also got me thinking more in a spiritual sense - how men don't believe in themselves anymore. I see so many people just drifting through life, not thinking they can achieve much of anything. This is a reason, I believe, why this nation is reverting to socialism. They don't believe they can accomplish things themselves, so they rely on the government to do it for them. We became a nation in the first place because we wanted to do things on our own...we wanted to raise our own families, we wanted to have our own land, free of taxes, free of invasion, free of oppression.

But now, just because things are getting a little hard, people would rather have socialism and safety, versus freedom with some challenges. But the thing I've learned with challenges and trials is that they make you stronger, happier, and more successful in the end - but only if you endure them well and hold fast til the end. We cannot give up as a nation right now just because things are getting hard. But I feel like everyone is...anyways, just an interesting thought I had of these last days and wanted to share. Let me know what you think."

The next sentence was a follow up email.

"While being healthy and living a good life is important, it only affects ourselves. The values and ideals we build this nation upon will affect many generations to come, including ours."

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